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About A World of Craft

A World of Craft (previously Afroart) was established in Stockholm 1967.

The A World of Craft stores have over the years been a watering hole for anyone who has a passion for ethnic crafts. Today A World of Craft AB is owned by six textile designers, all with a MFA degree.

A World of Craft collaborates with local artisans to highlight the craftsmanship of the developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

A great deal of Afroarts catalog is developed by A World of Craft Studio, A World of Crafts own design team. The idea is to use design as a tool, to develop and market traditional crafts and thereby help to create jobs in the regions where the craft is currently the main source of income. This give unique traditions of crafts a possibility to survive and A World of Crafts clients get access to the world's craftsmanship.

A World of Craft has four stores; two in Stockholm, one in Gothenburg and a Web store. Afroart also runs an extensive wholesale business with hundreds of retailers.

A World of Craft imports directly from artisans or through Fair Trade organizations.

Fair trade is a matter of course for us!

Our partners are in the following countries: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, El Salvador, the Philippines, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Cambodia, Cameroon, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Morocco, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria , Pakistan, Senegal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tanzania, Vietnam, Uganda.

Welcome to our world - A world of craft!

Katarina Chintoh, Maja Ekmark, Bodil Karlsson, Emma Labor, Gunilla Lundberg and Marie Persson.

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