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WAX no17, Fabric
WAX no17, Fabric
WAX no17, Fabric
WAX no17, Fabric

WAX no17, Fabric


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African wax prints, also known as Dutch wax prints are industrially produced and are mainly used for clothing in Africa and especially West Africa.

The process to make wax prints is originally influenced by batik, an Indonesian (Javanese) method of dyeing cloth by using wax-resist techniques.

The fabrics were introduced by the Dutch during their colonization of Indonesia in the 19th century, with the goal of flooding the market with cheap machine-made imitations of Batik. However, this did not succeed any further. By contrast, the fabrics became very popular in West Africa when Dutch trading vessels began introducing the fabrics in those ports.

The price is for 1 meter. You can only order the whole meter.
 No return or exchange right on piece goods.

Country: Ghana
Size: About 115 cm
Material: 100% Cotton
Washing instructions: 40 degrees